AdamantDitto Wiki

BlazikenGod (AKA MegaBlazikenGod) was one of the most recurring AdamantDitto fans. Around 2013-2014 he lost a lot of interest in the channel but still hangs around the Adamant Chatto discord due to being friends with other ShinyDittos.

First Encounters with Adamant Ditto[]

He stumbled upon AdamantDitto by watching Matt's Sonic Heroes review; at the time, Sonic Heroes was his favorite game. He made a hate comment and a dislike; afterwards, he decided to watch more reviews and liked most of them. He then subscribed because of all the Sonic reviews (except for Sonic Heroes) and then watched the rest of the reviews until they ended. Afterwards, he decided to follow their Twitch channel.

Real Life Info[]

Full Name: Max Webster

Country: Australia

Favorite Game: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Favourite TV Show: Gravity Falls

Favourite Youtuber: BrainscratchComms