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Chives536 is a fan of Adamant Ditto showing up at the streams and is a member of the Shiny Ditto channel.
Chives found out about Adamant Ditto through the "Recommended" section on a YoutTube video. It was a "Terrible Sprite" video and Chives has been with the group ever since. He didn't know about the streams for awhile but once he found out, he made it a point to show up, though due to his job that was difficult.
==Current Status==
Chives is still an active member of the fan community, showing up to many streams and checking the forums. Don't expect him to stay at the streams for very long, however. Mostly because of homework, Chives tends to drop out of chats.
== Shiny Dittos ==
Chives is a very active member in the Shiny Ditto channel. Usually any video will have Chives commenting in some fashion. He currently hosts Fanfic Fridays, the weekly story time the group has. You can also hear the sounds of his saxophone during streams, taking requests and improvising.
== Personal Life ==
Chives is a music education major looking to teach in elementary school. In his free time, Chives plays video games and updates his blog where writes articles about various media.

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