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Conkles is an amazing, sexy, perfect in everyway, and egotisical shiny ditto, or shitto for short. He has been confirmed to be Josh's afro, but it's not like that matters for he is dead. Killed by Cutman. or is he really dead. yes yes he is 

RIP Conkles How Conkles became alive and then dead[]

One day long ago Josh grow an Afro, and it was glorious. Serval periods of time later, Josh got his hands on a shiny mew which he stored in his afro or so he thought.  The "mew" he had gotton was a clone which was unstable. To make a long story short, the mew turned into a ditto, a shiny ditto, which fused with Josh's afro. The afro ditto became to be known as Conkles. 

Yet another period of time later, Josh tired of having an Afro so he shaved off Conkles. Conkles was mortally wounded in the process. He fainted and noone ever brought him to a pokecenter or gave him a reivive.

RIP Conkles []

I will remember you