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The custom thumbnail he made for hi video series.

Godzilla719 is a YouTuber, recurring AD fan, and giant mutant dinosaur.

Joining the Fandom[]

Godzilla719 discovered AdamantDitto in March of 2013, when one of their videos, Top 10 Pokemon that Need to Evolve, appeared in his recommended videos. After watching it, he immediately subscribed, joined the forums, and followed them on Twitch. He now tries to get as involved as possible, to the point he created his own video series on the Shiny Ditto YouTube channel, a series of monotype battles conducted on Pokemon Showdown.

General Info[]

Favorite Movie series: the Godzilla series (duh)

Favorite Video Game franchise: Pokemon

Favorite Subject: Zoology

Favorite Pokemon: Arbok

Godzilla's Monotype Battles[]

Godzilla conducts a series of monotype battles on the Shiny Ditto Youtube channel, using the Pokemon Showdown metagame. Each season consists of 17 battles, with every type being used once. Godzilla battles Shiny Dittos most of the time, and when he doesn't, he records monotype battles with random internet people. Of the Shiny Dittos, Godzilla has battled:

BisharpWarrior: 0-1 (Steel)

ConklesToTheMax: 1-2 (Dragon, Rock x2)

GymLeaderCauster: 0-1 (Water)

HyperAggron: 1-0 (Ground)

TheSilveryRival: 0-1 (Fighting)

Docile Dilan: 1-0 (Grass)