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Causter's primary identification image

Gym Leader Causter, commonly known as Causter, is a recent member of the Shiny Dittos. He joined the Adamant Ditto community after five months of following AD cast, and slowly integrated into the community. 

Competitive Battling[]

Causter is commonly seen on Pokemon-related streams within the Adamant Ditto community, mainly with the Shiny Dittos. Causter specializes with Water-type Pokemon, with Cloyster being his ace in the hole. His competitve team consists of a trolling Gliscor and a wall of a Vaporeon, which tends to overpower most OU teams. 

Causter's favorite Pokemon is Empoleon, though he doesn't use an Empoleon on his competitive team. 

 Shiny Ditto Streams[]

Causter is normally found in the streams of ConklesToTheMax and BisharpWarrior, commenting on their constant quests in the gaming world. While he attends these streams, he usually remains quiet as a result of his bashful nature. 

Causter does stream occasionally, but not often. His debut in streaming came with his stream of Pokemon FireRed. 

Imposter Causter[]

Causter tends to change his Skype username to someone else in call (much to the annoyance of Chives). This leads to arguements to over who the real person is. This has led to Conkles nicknaming him Imposter Causter.