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One of AdamantDitto's biggest fans. MaryAnn is a Shiny Ditto, that first appeared in the LTTA of Pokemon - Yellow Version (Played by Kyle) She has a very sweet personality, and is quite shy. 

She has an obsession of many video games, and most likely Animal Crossing. MaryAnn was also one of the early fans in March of 2012. She made appearances in many websites related with AdamantDitto such as forums, streams, chats, and Pokemon Battles. 

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In Ricky's artwork, MaryAnn chose to be her Animal Crossing character. Her female character had green hair, red glasses, and wearing a grass shirt. 

First Appearance[]

MaryAnn discovered AdamantDitto through looking at Pokemon Green Sprites list of the top 10 ugly sprites in green. She later found them through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Originally, she appeared in Kirby's Epic Yarn. (Played by Matt and Carissa) In the earlier days, she was very shy and didn't talk much on the Twitch chat. She then attended in one of their occasional Super Smash Bros Brawl matches, that were Quirky Ditto videos.

Later in March of 2012, she made her official appearance in Pokemon Yellow Version. She became most well known in that stream. 


  • MaryAnn's in joke "warner bros" was originally from Don. She in fact said 'wb', as in short for 'welcome back'. In one of the streams, Don read the chat that she typed in and said "Hi Matt, warner bros"
  • In the forums, Don made a poll for the special name for the fans, and one of the names were "Professors and Maryann".
  • When playing cards against humanity Maryanns two instawin cards are "An oversized Lollipop" and "Clown Strippers"


She makes guest appearances in the Shiny Ditto vids.

Personal Life[]

MaryAnn lives in Nevada with her family. She has 2 sisters (Brenda, Leilani) and 1 brother, (Chris). She enjoys making blogs, playing video games as her hobby and talking to her friends.