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Matt is one of the founding members of Adamantditto and has been gaming since the age of three. Matt is a big fan of everything from Mario to Sonic to twisted Metal. He handles a lot of the editing and technical stuff for the channel and is always anxious to see where the road takes him.

Occasionally Matt brings in his fiance Carissa to the Adamantditto channel, though Carissa doesn't like video games as much she's always happy to be able to spend time with Matt and his friends.


  • His favorite Pokemon is Magnemite.
  • He hates the Pokemon, Yanma.
    • One of the shirts he wears on-camera features a picture of Yanma with a  "∅" symbol over it.
  • He hates "Sonic Chronicles"
  • He hates Eggman Nega.
  • The Sega Genesis was the first game system he ever had.
  • Matt has a thing for Mario Kart