AdamantDitto Wiki

"But I've never played it..."[]

One time, Tim was going on a rant about a game, and he ended with the line, "But I've never actually played it...", This is believed to be the first AdamantDitto Running Gag, Because it's original appearence was before AD was formed.

The Braincouch.[]

A "Braincouch" happens whenever 2 or more members of AdamantDitto say the same thing over eachother.

Wily and Light's Rockboard: That's Paradise[]

The members of AdamantDitto commonly make reference to this obscure Japan-Only MegaMan game, One of the most famous instances is at the begining of AdamantDitto's 50th Playthrough, Super Mario 64...

Matt: And we are going to celebrate our 50th with the one, the only...                                                                       Ricky: ...Wily and Light's Rockboard!                                                                                                                    Matt: Super Mario 64, you fucking troll.

They played it for they're 1,000th video.

Chili Dog Troll Remix[]

In AdamantDitto's "Pokemon Yellow" LTTA, One of the members starts in with the following line...

"Look, you're mad, right? You're mad, but you can't be mad cuz you ordered me a Chili Dog!"

...This line is from remix of a scene from Sonic Underground, annoyed, Kyle actually named the team's Snorlax "Chili Dog" in attempts to shut the rest of them up.

Josh's Words of Wisdom[]

"Super Sonic is faster than Regular Sonic."

Josh tends to make strange lines such as the one above.

Disco Omastar[]

In "Quirky Ditto - Terrible Pokemon Sprites - Red & Blue" to "Silver", Matt makes a remark that Omastar's sprite is dancing in all of those games.

Josh's custom sprite of Omastar, look at him go!

Koopa Shades[]

Said in one of they're videos, one of the members said "The Koopas wear shades to show that they're evil.", this even became one of the shirts in the AD Spreadshirt Store.

Berserk Buttons[]

Don't talk about Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the character from the previously mentioned game, Eggman Nega, or the Pokemon known as Yanma in front of Matt.

Kyle and Angry Birds don't mix.

Jess wants to set the Pokemon, Gothitelle, on fire.

Ricky hates the character from the Donkey Kong series, Kiddy Kong.

Verbal Typos[]

A Verbal Typo is when one of the members messes up on saying a word, these include...


"Glaze of Blory"


Covered in X[]

Ricky quotes a routine by Eddie Izzard where he is talking about how Beekeeping is a stupid job, and he says at some point, "I'm covered in bees!", this leads to Matt saying a line from one of the X-Men cartoons where Wolverine says "Covered in Scorpions!" because he didn't know where it came from.

Kyle has also used this joke once, during the LTTA of "Pokemon: Yellow Version", He says "Covered in TallGrass!"

That Exactly Thing[]

This joke came from the LTTA of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and has been used in other videos since.

"Are you playing it on a real X?"[]

This is a common joke during Livestreams where one of the members of AdamantDitto will ask the streamer if they are playing on a real system.